AIS Leo Award Winners

About the Award

Established in 1999, this award, which was named for one of the world's first commercial applications of computing (The Lyons Electronics Office), recognizes truly outstanding individuals in the field of Information Systems. These individuals may be academics or practitioners, but are always well-regarded in their respective communities for their exceptional contribution to the field.

Qualifications for the Award

All winners of the LEO Award are outstanding scholars or practitioners who have made a global impact on the field of information systems. Furthermore, they are all involved on the local level of the field, and act as role models to colleagues and students. They are well-regarded by their peers as well as those outside of the field for their professional work and personal integrity. Winners needn't be members of AIS, but they cannot win this award posthumously.

For more information about AIS Leo Awards, please go to AIS website Leo Awards page.


Below is additional information about some AIS Leo Award Winners.



Election Year Name Related Links
 2012 Bob Galliers

Personal Website at Bentley

 2012 Detmar Straub


 2011 Rick Watson

Personal Website at University of Georgia

 2011 Ron Weber

Personal Website at Monash

 2010 Blake Ives

Personal Website at University of Houston

 2010 Carol Saunders

Personal Website at UCF


Daniel Robey


E. Burton Swanson

Personal Website at UCLA
 2008 Dewald Roode

Wikipedia Entry

Tribute from Johannes Cronje

 2008 M. Lynne Markurs

Personal Website at Bentley

Wikipedia Entry


Robert W. Zmud

Personal Website at University of Oklahoma

Kenneth L. Kraemer

Personal Website at UCI

Izak Benbasat

Personal Website at UBC

Ephraim McLean

Personal Website at GSU
 2006 Niels Bjørn-Andersen

Personal Website at CBS

 2006 Phillip Ein-Dor

Personal Website at Tel Aviv University


2005 Andrew Whinston

Personal Website at University of Texas

Wikipedia Entry


William R. King


Rob Kling

 2003 Frank Land

Personal Website at LSE

Wikipedia Entry

British Library Interview Conducted in 2010

 2003 John Rockart 

Personal Website at MIT

Wikipedia Entry

 2002 Jay F. Nunamaker

Personal Website at University of Arizona

Wikipedia Entry

 2002 Paul Gray

Wikipedia Entry

 2001 Richard O. Mason


 2000 Gordon B. Davis

Gordon B. Davis Symposium at UMN in 2005

 1999 C. West Churchman

Wikipedia Entry

 1999 J. Daniel Cougar  
 1999 Börje Langefors  
 1999 Enid Mumford

Wikipedia Entry

Papers Written by or about Enid Mumford at Mendeley