Links to Other History Websites and Collections

Paul Gray’s Museum of History at Claremont University (


IT History (

Computer History Museum (

Charles Babbage Institute (

The LEO Computers Society (


AOM History (

ACM History (

IEEE History (

HCI History (

Chemical Heritage Foundation (

American Institute of Physics History (

University of Portsmouth (UK) Professor David Anderson and colleagues' preservation projects

UK National Archive for the History of Computing

The University of Manchester's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine


London Science Museum – The Information Age Gallery (


Computer Conservation Society – UK (


The John Simmons Archive (LEO Computers), Warwick University Library (


Nixdorf Computer Museum (


Konrad Zuze Archive (;jsessionid=BF6B3B5654FADC1433528BA30300CF7B)


Russian Virtual Computer Museum. (


European Virtual Computer Museum, Ukraine (


Amsterdam Computer Museum ( )


HASTAC Digital History website ( )